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About Moonsia

Moonsia, also known as Jennifer Chuu. A comic artist who travels around the world, living a digital nomad lifestyle, getting inspired by life experiences, while creating super awesome comics.

Moonsia was born in the US in 1989, grew up in the city of Taipei, Taiwan since the age of 5. She holds the love and passion towards art and storytelling since childhood, dreamed to create comics that gives joy to the world with her wild imagination and unique sense of humor. Another dream of hers is to travel the world one day.

Moonsia started creating comics in manga format since the age of 15, between 2007 to 2016, she created over 15 short stories, some were created out of pure joy, and some were created for contests. in total, Moonsia has 5 nominees, won the Taiwan Tong Li Publishing Award in 2008, 2 Silent Manga Award between 2013 - 2015, and 1 Manga Kingdom Tottori Award in 2016.

By 2016 Moonsia created her first webcomic series "Never Heard The Sound of The Tide", which was later published as physical books through The China Times in Taiwan in 2018. Ever since then, Moonsia started traveling and working remotely. Therein her travels, a another idea popped in her head... and then,  "The Witch and The Bull" launched in 2020 on Webtoon, with over 50M views to this day.

Now Moonsia is living her dreams, yet, continues to dream bigger...

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Feel free to leave a message to me or submit your thoughts on my comics. I might not be able reply to messages unrelated to work, but I for sure and always appreciate all your kind words and feedbacks! Thank you :)


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