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Moonsia's comic career officially started from 2016, since then she has not stop creating innovative stories and stay true to originality. You can read her comics through the portals below. 

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2020 - current

The Witch and The Bull

An epic fantasy adventure follows Aro the constellation witch, and Tan the king's royal adviser, the unlikely pair in search of a cure to break the zodiac curse that got Tan turned into a bull.

Currently available in English, Spanish, French, Traditional Chinese.

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2016 - 2018

Never Heard The Sound
of The Tide

A self searching journey of a young boy Leo who falls in love with the circus mermaid Yvette. Together they grow and learn from each other, as they travel from town to town with the circus train, they'll discover the big secret behind the greatest show on earth.


Currently available in Traditional Chinese 

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